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I am Dr. Andrew Dekguang Jhou Chew, a former banker for 20 years with vast experience in forex trading, investment banking and private banking.

In the past 13 years, I started a financial advisory firm under the name of HWH Inc. and also a private investment firm under the name of The Panthenon Group.

HWH Inc., engineers financial and business solutions for corporates and structures wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals.  We are corporate consultants to Gerson Lehman Group, KMPG, Boston Consulting and McKinsey.  We are institutional clients to top Tier 1 global banks.

The Panthenon Group specializes in forex trading.  In addition, we organize, structure and execute private equity transactions, and strategically execute M&A deals.  Our business and investment interests are in 21st century trends including; real estate, life sciences, renewable energy, telecommunication, fintech and agrotechnology.

My desire is to share my FX ideas and trades so that all of you can benefit from it.

We will win some and we will lose some, more importantly, is that we are net positive at the end of each month and for the fiscal year.

The key to success in forex trading is identifying the risks and managing the risks.  More importantly, respect risk and leverage, and the probability of making credible and rationale absolute returns is a reality.

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