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Category Archives: Performance

An active accounting of the absolute returns achieved or not at every month end.

The month of June was a busy month, I did 9 trades and two options.

I lost on two trades and nearly loss big time on the EURUSD call option but managed to recover and actually made a profit.  You will recall that the two month EURUSD call option had a breakeven of 1.3175 and expiration on 28 June 2013.  I squared at 1.3268 and it hit a high of 1.3365 just before expiration.

The yum yum trade was the 2 week USDJPY call option.  I just felt the JPY strengthened too much too quickly and a significant correction was going to happen.  So I bought a call option at 94.15 with a breakeven at 95.86 and I bought back the option at 97.50 for a nice profit of 16.8%.

So for the month of June, I am up 33.3% in absolute returns.  So far, YTD trading profits in absolute is 136.7% with this month’s trading profits, it brings the absolute returns year to date to 170%.

I did 8 spot trades and one put option and I made an absolute return of 54.8%.

My year to date absolute return is 81.9% and adding this month’s performance brings the outperformance over my principal to a handsome 136.7%

I am happy that I hit past my 100% target for the first half of this year.

Let’s hope the balance of the year will be equally rewarding.  One thing’s for sure, we will continue to experience lots of volatility from here to the end of the year.

Identify risk, respect risk and do not be greedy, you will always be a net winner.

We were busy for the month of April, executing 7 spot trades and 1 option trade.  Fortunately, we won on all 7 spot trades; 5 short trades and 2 long trades.

Absolute return for the month of April was 36.5%.

Our portfolio return year to date is 81.9%.

April was a good month!

We executed three call options during the month of March; AUDUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD, we won in the AUD and GBP and lost in the EUR. Our absolute return on equity was 18.4%.

Our accumulative ROE till end February was 27% and including March, it brings out absolute ROE to 45.4% year to date.