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Quiet day on the economic front, however, a feeling told me that the AUDUSD will move today and it did twice today.

The slow and fast stochastic including the ichimoku were spot on!

It happened once this morning at 9am from 0.9741 to 0.9784 and then again when London opened at 3pm at 0.9750 to 0.9789…………………..oh what a waste!

The trades were so so so sweet.  I am only to be blamed as I was too busy replying emails all day and missed it.

Oh well………..cie la vie………….the good thing about the forex market is that everyday is a trading opportunity, so there’s always tonight US time or tomorrow.

I am going to walk away from my screens for now and maybe come back when New York opens, and then, again maybe not, might just spend the monday night enjoying a good dinner with my wife.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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