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Good morning to all, just when I was lamenting about a lost opportunity in the AUD yesterday, I also knew that in the forex markets, another opportunity would present itself.

It did.

This morning.

I Long the AUDUSD at 0.9765 during Asian time after the release of the RBA minutes to ensure no curve balls.  In fact, when the RBA minutes came out AUD tanked to 0.9750, but I waited till the rebound happened and some stability was seen in the charts.  Then, I Long the AUDUSD at 0.8765 at about 9.35am and just squared the position at 0.9810 at 11:30am.

I made a trading profit of 45bps or 0.45%.

Thank you AUD!

CPI data for the GBP this afternoon at 4:30pm, I believe it will be a market mover………….let’s see.

Have a nice lunch you all.

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