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On September 30th, I saw AUDUSD coming down to 93.00 and at the same time I felt that the floor was reached even though it pushed down to 0.9290.

I decided to sell the option and locked in the trading profits of 100bps.  Remember our entry point was 0.9500 and our option cost was 100bps which put our breakeven at 0.9400.  Essentially, it was a 1:1 payoff, though my preliminary calculations, I was betting on a 2:1 payoff, however, AUD all of a sudden became the safe haven currency because of the partial US government shutdown and also the overhanging debt ceiling deadline on October 17th.

At the same period, the EUR and GBP was rallying against the USD, which doesn’t bode well for the other put option I did on the GBPUSD.  I will give and update shortly.

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