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2015 has turned out to be a great start!

After a challenging 2014, the first quarter of 2015 presented wonderful opportunities to us, which of course, we capitalized on the opportunity.

For the first quarter ending March, we did a total of 13 trades, total volume of 155Billion and locked in an absolute return of 95.3% against our principal investment.

A phenomenal start to the year.  As you can see, we averaged about 4 trades a month.  In hindsight, we missed some opportunities, however, the important point is that we made on every trade with no drawdown at all.

I believe the appropriate style of trading is more one of strategic and opportunistic trading, and not trading for the sake of trading.

Going forward, this year will be another year where central bankers will be focused on; what they say, what they feel and what they are not saying.

Stay very close to the media, it will continue to tell us about the sentiment and volatility in the marketplace.

Now that we have already met our target for 2015, I do not intend to take on any unnecessary risky trades and will just continue doing what I have been doing………slow………steady………and confidently.

Here’s wishing us all continuing success in fx trading for the rest of the year.

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