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I am going to amalgamate both Q3 and Q4 performance together, so we can just tidy up the overall reporting for 2015.

Q3 we locked in trading profits of 17.85% and in Q4, we locked in 8.68%.

I did all in all 26 trades in the second half the year averaging about 4 plus trades per month.  This also includes the trades that was withdrawn because market didn’t trigger the straddle trades.

I still have two AUDUSD call options; one expiring on 26 August 2016; BE 0.7303 (288bps premium) and another expiring on 9 July 2016; BE 0.7420 (280bps premium).

The overall absolute performance for 2015 is 178.08%, not a bad year.

Let’s see whether 2016 will bring me and us the same good fortune.

Happy trading and remember be prudent, be focused and above all, don’t be greedy.

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