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Daily Archives: June 24th, 2016

I am glad David Cameron resigned as PM, he clearly didn’t get the confidence vote that he needed to keep the UK in the EU, so there’s no point in staying on, the people how silly as they have made their decision.

This made me reflect on Singapore.  As a Singaporean, I was quite concerned in the 2011 general elections when PAP won by an average of about 56%+, which was not great by Singapore standards, but a clear signal from the electorate that the people of Singapore were not happy with PAP.

I am so glad and encouraged that PAP, our government, my government, paid attention, took heed and spent the next few years engaging Singaporeans; by and large solving and resolving a number of pressing issues.  This culminated in PAP’s surprising victory in the 2015 elections with an average win of nearly 69%.

England, I am no longer referring to the UK anymore, because I believe the UK is gone!  If we trace back in history, the 18th century was the glory days of England and the UK.  It was the greatest empire in the world, ever since, then, England has been carving a downward path till today.

Though it would have been largely beneficial for the UK to stay in the EU, history tends to repeat itself, so the Brits again have made a poor decision which seals their fate and another negative chapter in the history of England.

Watch the world as it unfolds, Scotland will leave the UK and strike up its own deal with the EU.  North Ireland may join up with the rest of Ireland, and then, strike a deal with the EU.  Wales will also probably leave the UK, leaving the UK to just merely England.  That is what is going to happen, mark my words, it will all unfold in the next 5 years to 7 years.

England has lost everything, it no longer has a manufacturing base, all its brands are now owned by foreigners, up to 1/3 of the liquidity in the financial markets has been moved to Dubai, up to 45% of its exports is attributed to the EU, it has no innovation, it has no invention.

The only thing going for it is that it’s a services economy and that has been eroding the past few years and with Brexit, the pace will pick up.

So, all that is left is England an education centre, a financial markets centre and a strong pharmaceuticals industry.

How is England going to feed 46Million people in an environment where the country has matured and is greying, coupled with low growth, low productivity, burdensome welfare system, far too much burden on the shoulders of the young British people.


At near 10:30am or about the time when results from at least 70% of the polling centres were coming in with Brexit clearly on the table.  The JPY strengthened from 104 down all the way to 98.87.

When news came out that the BOJ may come in to intervene against the stronger yen, I decided to put in a spot position at 100.00 with a stop loss at 99.70.

I kept following the position till it reached 102.70 and I squared the position for a yum yum 2.7 yen!!!

Thank you Brexit and BOJ!

Decided to take a small punt though I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the volatility.

A two day put option was 120bps, which means for every 1Million nominal option size, the cost is $12,000/-.

Nonetheless, decided to take a small position with the following details: –

2 Day Put Option

Option Amout: $2Million

Strike: 1.4862

Premium: 115bps

Breakeven: 1.4747

It’s gone crazy now!!!!

About half of the results are in and Leave leads by 3.5%, GBP plummets.

I decided to take profit on my option and sold the option five minutes ago at 1.3490 for a whopping 1,257bps or a payout ratio of 10.4:1!!!!!

I am out for the rest of the day! Thank you UK!