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As a patriotic Singaporean, I am upset and appalled and what Lee Wei Ling (LWL) and Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) are doing to their own family, more importantly, to Singapore and to Singaporeans.

Treason – the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government.

As intelligent and educated persons, doesn’t LWL and LHY know well enough that they shouldn’t wash the family’s laundry in public.  For goodness sake, you come from a politically infludential and politically sensitive family, you need to behave yourselves.

Today, you have shamed and hurt Singapore’s reputation, you have damaged Singapore’s economy, you have offended and betrayed Singaporeans.  No wonder, you wish to migrate, you have chosen to condemn Singapore and hurt Singaporeans, why should you continue to stay in Singapore?

Your movitation is simply GREED.  LWL obviously has a problem, after her father’s passing, she has been posting degorative articles about our Singapore government, certainly she couldn’t or wouldn’t have been able to, as long as her father, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) was alive.

In one of his last interviews, LKY told the reporter that he would prefer to demolish his home because he didn’t want the government to waste monies to preserve his home as a Singapore heritage.  LKY is a simple and very practical man, he didn’t see the value of the government wasting monies preserving his home just as a memorabilia of him as the first PM and the man who built Singapore. In fact, he eluded that his neighbours are all condominiums and that it would be better to demolish the home, change the land planning use and sell for higher value.

Since LHL was working so closely with his father in government and in personal life, it was no surprise that 38 Oxley was bequeath to LHL separately from the rest of the assets which was divided amongs the three siblings.  All the problems would have been avoided if LHL had kept 38 Oxley and then sell it to the government for the government to preserve it as a heritage memorabilia of LKY.  Proceeds of the sale, LHL can donate to charity. Nice and clean.

However, as the eldest in the family, he wanted to be fair by his other siblings.  So, he sold 38 Oxley to LHY and the sale proceeds he donated to charity.  LHL did not benefit from it at all.

Why is LWL and LHY so insistent on demolishing 38 Oxley?  If it’s demolished it cannot be preserved as heritage. Then, they can submit a change of use to condominium status and sell for $$$$$$$$$$.  So you see, it’s GREED that is the motivating factor, and to use their father’s name in vain, to malign the government and to maliciously attack their brother LHL………………….sigh…………such unfilial children and horrible siblings…………LHL is right, his parents will turn in their graves!

I am saddend that LWL and LHY are demolishing the reputation and establishment of the Lee family.



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