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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Knowing that GBPUSD always move earlier than the time of data announcement, I decided to put my straddle earlier at 4pm.

All central banks are looking at tightening monetary policy and therefore CPI is going to be closely looked at as an indication of inflation.

My straddle with the following details: –

Stop if Offered; 1.3080, Spot; 1.3115, Stop if Bid; 1.3145

As it turned out CPI came in weaker at 2.6% versus forecast of 2.9%.

My Stop if Offered was triggered.

It’s 4:37pm and I just squared my position at 1.3025 for a trading profit of 55bps.

Not bad, thank you GBPUSD, at least, I managed to make back for some of the losses on the EURUSD put option and USDJPY call option.

More trading opportunities this week when ECB is front and centre


Lost 36bps on the premiums paid for the EURUSD put option which expired on July 17th……….worthless.

The USDJPY call option expired on July 17th………..worthless.

Premium loss was 0.48yen.

Decided to average out with another AUDUSD put option expiring on Friday, July 21st with the following details: –

Spot: 0.7745, Premium: 30bps Breakeven: 0.7715.

Average AUDUSD now at 0.7705.

Let’s see

Felt that AUDUSD was getting too high and at levels where it should not be, so I decided to buy a put option for 1 week expiring Friday, July 21st with the following details: –

Spot: 0.7730, Premium: 35bps, Breakeven: 0.7695.

Let’s see.

This particular call has turned out to be wrong and it looks like I will be taking a loss of 50bps as there will be no way that EURUSD will fall below 1.1270 within the next 3 days.

Oh well, you win some, and you lose some, that is FX trading for all of us.

Was following the Yellen speech last night and wasn’t convinced that it was a bullish speech, so I decided to sell the option last night at 1.1400 for a small trading profit of 49bps.

Bought a USDJPY call option expiring on Monday, July 17th with the following details: –

Spot: 113.25, Premium: 0.48, Breakeven: 113.73.

Let’s see what happens?!

During lunch today when EURUSD was hoving dangerously near the 1.1500 level, I decided to buy a put option expiring on Monday, July 17th with the following details: –

Spot: 1.1485, Premium: 36bps, Breakeven: 1.1449

Right now at 9:54pm Singapore time, EURUSD has broken through the 1H 50DMA and 200DMA.

Let’s see what happens when Janet Yellen speaks shortly.

GBPUSD doesn’t seem to be making any appreciable move upwards, so I decided to square off my Long GBPUSD at 1.2900 for a decent trading profit of 62bps.