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Monthly Archives: March 2014

I felt that the GBPUSD was bottoming, based on Fibonacci; the recent high was 1.6795 and the recent low was 1.6273 with the spot of 1.6560 hovering just above the 50% retracement level.  Again coming up from a lower level a few days ago at the near 38% level.

The uptick seemed somewhat convincing and I also felt that the retail sales numbers today would come in better, so I placed a Long GBPUSD, stop if offered at 1.6580 when the spot was at 1.6560 with a SL at 1.6550.

As it turned out the retail sales came in firmer at 1.7% versus expectations of 0.5%, and the GBP firmed up passsed 1.66.

I squared the position at 1.6620 for a trading profit of 40bps.

On March 24th at about 4:45pm, I decided to short the EURUSD at 1.3795 with a SL at 1.3815 with a view that the Euro would weaken based on my techincals.

However, when the US session opened, it appeared that the Euro wasn’t going to soften that much so I decided to square the position at 1.3775 for a small trading profit of 20bps.

Last night at about the same time I placed the AUDUSD order, I also placed a short EURUSD stop if bid order at 1.3920 and SL at 1.3950.

As it turned out this morning, the level was not reached, so I decided to take out the order.

Now during NY trading session, the EURUSD has strengthened unexpectedly despite stronger US data.

I am so glad I took out the order this morning.

Last night, I felt that there was a high probability that the RBNZ will hike rates this morning and if they did, the AUD would strengthened in unison.

So at about midnight, when the AUDUSD spot was at 0.8972, I placed a stop if offered spot order at 0.9000, good till 9am Singapore time the following day.

As it happened, RBNZ hiked rates from 2.50% to 2.75% at 4am Singapore time, my order was triggered early this morning at about 7:55am Singapore time.

I have been holding this spot position all day, wondering whether I should sell a AUD call to set a take profit level since I am already in the money.

I decided a few moments ago to square off the position at 0.9094 for a trading profit of 94 bps.