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Daily Archives: February 16th, 2015

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Here is wishing all our business friends, business associates, clients, investors and shareholders a Very Happy Chinese new Year.

We have stopped all business at HWH Inc., The Panthenon Group, Singapore 360 and absolutelypassionate till the end of this week.

We will resume business as usual on Monday, 23 February 2015.

The much waited UK inflation report to confirm whether or not BOE will or will not cut rates of hold rates of increase rates.

I really didn’t know whether the market was going to go because the last clue from the BOE was that they will stay put for a while and maybe even consider cutting rates.  However, the media had a different view.  All the media spots were gunning that the BOE would be more hawkish.

Since, this data has been put on the pedestal, I thought I might as well try to see whether I can squeeze a trade out of it or not.

Since, I had no inclination one way or another, I decided to put a straddle spot out of the money trade.

At about 6:20pm, I placed a stop if bid at 1.5250 and stop if offered at 1.5185 when spot was trading at 1.5220.

When the data came out the GBP shot up to 1.5320 within 15 minutes.  My stop if bid order was triggered at 1.5250, I decided to wait till about 9:30pm and squared the position at 1.5353 for a trading profit of 103bps.

Thank you BOE!