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One of the more significant speeches to be made by Theresa May after triggering Article 50.

So I decided to place a straddle just before the speech with the following details: –

Stop If Offered at 1.2538, Spot at 1.2568, Stop if Bid at 1.2590

After Theresa May announced a possible snap election in June, the GBPUSD started getting bidded.

I followed the spot trade till about 9:25pm and decided to square the position at 1.2725 (high was 1.2745) for a trading profit of 135bps.

Thank you Theresa!!!


Tonight, Theresa May is addressing the nation on how she is going to implement Brexit.

She mentioned that the Government will put the final Brexit deal to a vote in both houses of parliament.

Does this mean that there is a possibility of a repeal in the Brexit?

Market seems to like what is it hearing from Theresa May.

I decided to place a straddle when her speech started with the following details: –

GBPUSD: Stop if Offered at 1.2120 (SL 1.2140), Spot at 1.2158, Stop if Bid at 1.2175 (SL1.2145)

My Bid was triggered and I rode it up till I squared the position at 1.2325 (High was 1.2346) for a trading profit of 150bps!!!

Thank you Theresa May and what a trade to start the Year of the Rooster!!!