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After looking through my technicals, including Ichimoku, MA, Bollinger bands, and stochastics, I decided that there were two potential trades: –

1) Long AUDUSD; stop if offered at 0.9256 (Spot 0.9236) and SL at 0.9230

2) Long Gold, stop if offered at 1,295.00 (spot 1,283) SL at 1,275

By the following morning Singapore time, nothing happened in the AUD, so I took out the order.  Guess what, my NY session, the AUD was at 0.9280!

My Gold order was triggered and it was LIVE, I followed the market till the NY session when it reached $1,305 and I decided to take profit at $1,303 for a trading profit of $8.

Last week on December 5th, I saw an opportunity based on my charts; gold appeared to have bottomed at $1,211, though the greater volume of trades was done at about $,1,219.

Recent high on November 29th/30th was about $1,254.

I am not sure whether there is enough momentum to bring it back to the last high, it’s currently trading at $1,244.

Then again, with the budget looming in January and the debt ceiling in March, maybe, it may be worth the while to hold the position.

Hmmmm………I am up $12/-, and to sell an option till January 30th, 2014 at $1,246 will give me premiums of $30/-.  Sounds like a good trade.

Done, just executed selling a call option XAUUSD at $1,246 expiring January 30th, and receiving premiums of $30/-.