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I decided to square off this option prior to my leaving for my holiday.

Last Wednesday, the AUDUSD continued to fall and it went under 0.9300, I sold the option at 0.9285, you will recall that my breakeven was 0.9533, so this trade gave us a nice trading profit of 248bps.

So, while I was targeting for a 1.6:1 payout, we were fortunate and managed to secure a payout of over 2.4:1, this was a great trade.

What is ironical about the fx world is when I was away on my holiday, on November 21st and 22nd, the AUD dropped another 100bps to 0.9143………..hahahahahahahaha.

Then again, who can predict that the AUD will collapse again so near the expiry date, I certainly did not.  More importantly, I would not carry any open positions when I am away on a holiday.

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