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When I finally woke up in the morning on Friday after staying up at the office till about 3:30am, it was interesting to see how the fx rates have developed during Asian time on Friday.

If I had kept all the trades open, what would have happened?

AUDUSD would have been stopped out at 8:17am.

GBPUSD would have been stopped out at 8:28am

EURUSD would have been ok

However, the big winner would have been the USDJPY.  You will recall, I squared the position half an hour into the press conference with no win no loss, that is, all square.  If I had kept the position opened till late Friday morning, I would have made one big figure on the JPY, that is, 1.15 yen.  Wow!

Then again, it is not our business to hold spot positions opened for so long and more so, unsupervised.  Whenever, we have an open spot position, we will monitor it on screen till we square off the position and that usually happens within an hour or at the most two hours.

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