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The amount of noise coming into the last hour before FOMC gave me cause to put in a trade.

At about 1:55am, I put in the following straddles: –

GBPUSD   –   1.5300   –   1.5321   –   1.5340  Spot was at 1.5321 and SL at spot level

EURUSD   –   1.1050   –   1.1073   –   1.1095  Spot was at 1.1073 and SL at spot level

At 2am, it was announced; Fed kept rates on hold but media is picking up the fact that the statement dropped the phrase, “global developments may restrain growth”.

We squared the trade at 2:11am at the following levels: –

GBPUSD, squared at 1.5260 for a trading profit of 40bps

EURUSD, squared at 1.10935 for a trading profit of 115bps

Thank you NEWS MEDIA; CNN, CNBC, WALL STREET, BLOOMBERG………..all of you were great!

It’s a wrap, time for drinks!

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