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The story of Brexit has dominated the GBP pretty much the entire month of April.

It started at about 1.4272 on April 1st, hit a low of 1.4019 on April 6th and 7th and from there it established four highs topping at 1.4632 on April 26th.

1H + Fibo suggest that spot is trading at the 100% level

4H + Fibo suggets that spot is trading at 50% level

Any negative surprise to the GDP data will surely see GBP crashing! Wall Street is expecting a range between 0.4% to 0.5% with general consensus at 0.4%.

Let’s see.  Let’s all be there to capture any potential opportunity if it presents itself.

We did well this morning with the AUD CPI, will out positive momentum continue this afternoon in the UK trading session?!

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