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Monthly Archives: March 2017

I really did not know which way the market is going to move but there was enough buzz in the markeplace to generate sufficient volatility to do my straddle.

At about 1:56am Singapore time I decided to place two straddle trades with the following details: –

EURUSD; Stop if Offered 1.0600, Spot at 1.0630, Stop if Bid 1.0660

USDJPY; Stop if Offered 114.23, Spot 114.53, Stop if Bid 114.83

All SLs at 30bps away.

I decided to square the USDJPY 3 minutes after the announcement at 113.70 and the EURUSD 5 minutes later at 1.0690.

Trading profit of the USDJPY was 0.53yen and EURUSD 30bps.

Not too bad, was hoping for a bigger move, then again, we should be thankful for good and safe trading profits.


On March 4th when USDJPY climbed up to 114.60 I felt that it presented an opportunity for me to get out and since I am still in holiday it’s difficult to pay attention. 

So decided to square all theee options at 114.50. 

My breakeven for the theee options is 113.47 so a nice tidy trading profit of 1.03yen. 

Thank you Lord. 

Going to enjoy the rest of my holiday. 

While on holiday l did another USDJPY call option expiring 10 March with the following details:- 

Spot: 111.86 Premium: 0.90 Breakeven: 112.76

Fingers crossed.