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Daily Archives: March 22nd, 2016

On Monday morning, I looked at the charts of the 4 majors and noticed that late US session on Friday, the USD was starting to claw back some ground.

I felt strongly that my hunch of a USD reversal is on the cards!

So I decided to get pricing to buy ATM put options expiring 29 April 2016 with the following details: –

EURUSD   –   Spot 1.1253, Premium 140bps, B/E 1.1113

GBPUSD   –   Spot 1.1253, Premium 180bps, B/E 1.1.4282

USDJPY   –   Spot 111.47, Premium 1.27bps, B/E 112.74

AUDUSD   –   Spot 0.7596, Premium 106bps, B/E 0.7490

I decided to execute all 4 put options with notional amounts of US$100Mn each.

It’s 6:38pm on Tuesday evening and where is the spot rate for the majors?  Well, it’s: –

EURUSD  –  1.1211

GBPUSD  –  1.4276

USDJPY  –  111.62

AUDUSD  –  0.7592

Looks like I am also breakeven on my GBP, a little ways for the rest, however, as I mentioned earlier, I feel strong that there will be a USD reversal within the next 30 days.

I mean look at how the majors moved against the USD at FOMC and more so post FOMC, on average about 400bps moves against the USD.

I don’t believe for a moment that these counties can survive on such strong currency valuations when their respective economies are anemic.

Ok, fingers crossed and toes crossed!!!

Good luck in your trading.

Since last Friday, the back of my neck was feeling itchy and I couldn’t thinking that the USD was oversold after the FOMC.

I decided to look at the 4H charts on the GBP, EUR, JPY and AUD and here they are: –




From a technical point of view, isn’t a USD reversal a high probability???

Janet Yellen’s speech and Q&A did not warrant such a strong sell down in the USD, this is my personal opinion.

I am looking at buying put options against the majors till maybe end of April, will have to check the premiums to ascertain whether it’s expensive or not.

The saga continues……………..