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On Monday morning, I looked at the charts of the 4 majors and noticed that late US session on Friday, the USD was starting to claw back some ground.

I felt strongly that my hunch of a USD reversal is on the cards!

So I decided to get pricing to buy ATM put options expiring 29 April 2016 with the following details: –

EURUSD   –   Spot 1.1253, Premium 140bps, B/E 1.1113

GBPUSD   –   Spot 1.1253, Premium 180bps, B/E 1.1.4282

USDJPY   –   Spot 111.47, Premium 1.27bps, B/E 112.74

AUDUSD   –   Spot 0.7596, Premium 106bps, B/E 0.7490

I decided to execute all 4 put options with notional amounts of US$100Mn each.

It’s 6:38pm on Tuesday evening and where is the spot rate for the majors?  Well, it’s: –

EURUSD  –  1.1211

GBPUSD  –  1.4276

USDJPY  –  111.62

AUDUSD  –  0.7592

Looks like I am also breakeven on my GBP, a little ways for the rest, however, as I mentioned earlier, I feel strong that there will be a USD reversal within the next 30 days.

I mean look at how the majors moved against the USD at FOMC and more so post FOMC, on average about 400bps moves against the USD.

I don’t believe for a moment that these counties can survive on such strong currency valuations when their respective economies are anemic.

Ok, fingers crossed and toes crossed!!!

Good luck in your trading.

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