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As this is a sensitive data for the Fed and the world, I decided to put on my straddle on three currencies as follows: –

EURUSD   –   1.1416   1.1436   -1.1456

GBPUSD   –   1.5427   1.5457   1.5497

USDJPY   –   117.90   –   118.26   –   118.56

Core CPI was slightly elevated, overall CPI was flat, jobless claims improved to 255K against forecast of 269K, and Empire state manufacturing came was weaker at -11.4 versus expectation of -7.3.

Overall, USD bias, but the market didn’t move very much.  I took out the GBPUSD order, leaving behind the EUR and JPY order.

Both the EUR and JPY orders were triggered on the Offered side.

I squared the EUR at 1.1370 and the JPY at 118.70 for a trading profit of 46bps for the EUR and a negligible 0.14 yen.

This is what I mean when the event or data is not expected to make the fx market volatile, this strategy of the straddle trade doesn’t really work well.  It needs the volatility.