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After ADP superby performance of 253K versus forecast of 181K, Wall Street and Main Street were anxiously awaiting NFP tonight.

Then again, there were many times when NFP surprised us all with a weaker number.

I decided to play my straddle to capture the market either way: –

Bought a EURUSD Put Option expiring Monday, June 5th; Spot 1.1215 and B/E 1.1189

Bought a USDJPY Put Option expiring Monday, June 5th; Spot 111.59 and B/E 111.26

As it turned out, the NFP number came in considerably weaker at 138K versus forecast of 181K and previous month was also adjusted lower.

The EUR strengthened agaisnt the USD, so my put option was useless.

However, the JPY strengthened against the USD and put my USDJPY put option into the money.

I decided to square the USDJPY put option at 110.57.  It was sufficient to offset the cost of both the options and left me with a decent 36 bps trading profit.

Last week, I short the USDJPY at 102.95 and again at 103.52 for an average cost of 103.23.

By the end of the week, I was getting uncomfortable with the possibility of a strong NFP, so I decided to cut loss at 103.53 and took a loss of 0.30 yen.

Late Friday, USDJPY strengthened to 102.80 just before NY close behind a softer NFP.  However, the NFP of 156K versus expectations of 171K wasn’t too bad especially, since the previous month was revised from 151K to 167K.

The US is on track for a rate hike in December 2016!!!

Alot of noise today about the NFP, most banks forecasting a lower number than expectations of 180K, except for Barclays who is bullish at 200K.

History dictated that August was an inaccurate month, with numbers usually lower than forecast 8 out of the past 11 years with more than 50% adjustments later.

I decided to do my straddle on both the EURUSD and USDJPY with the following details: –

EURUSD; Stop if Bid at 1.1240, Spot at 1.1280, SL at 1.1220

USDJPY; Stop if Bid at 103.10, Spot at 103.45, SL at 103.30

As it turned out the NFP was 150K versus forecast of 180K, unemployment inched up to 4.9% versus 4.8%, average hourly earnings was slightly softer at 0.1% versus 0.2% and labor productivity was significantly lower at -0.3% versus 0.2%.

The USD moved higher against the majors initially, but seemed to lack the legs.

Both my trades was triggered, unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much of a follow through as financial markets digested the data and probably felt that it was relatively unexciting.

I decided to square of my trades as follow; USDJPY at 103.00 and EURUSD at 1.1230.  I am pretty much ALL SQUARE…… blood!

What a disappointing night, should have gone out partying!!!  Hahahahahaha…….only joking, as professional traders, if there is a trading opportunity we must be in front of the screen, we need to be there, to hopefully, capture the market opportunity.

Done for the week!

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.

Even though ADP earlier in the week came in on the money, that is, 179K versus forecast of 171K, there was still an off chance that NFP today could come in stronger than forecast.  Then again, it’s the summer and usually there are more job creations during this period.

I decided to put my straddle trade on the EURUSD and USDJPY at about 8:26pm with the following details: –

EURUSD   –  Stop if Offered at 1.1108, Spot at 1.1138, Stop if Bid at 1.1168 and corresponding SLs at 30bps out.

USDJPY   –  Stop if Offered at 100.80, Spot at 101.18, Stop if Bid at 101.48 and corresponding SLs at 30bps out.

As it turned out, NFP came in very strong at 255K versus expectations of 180K.

Both my trades was triggered.

I squared the EURUSD at 1.1048 for a trading profit of 60bps.

I squared the USDJPY at 101.82 for a trading profit of 0.34.

A pretty good end to the first week of trading in August.

It’s TGIF and I am going to shut down my computer and go meet some friends for drinks!!!

Here’s wishing one and all a great weekend.

I also did a trade on the USDJPY but not a straddle trade, instead, I just took an off chance view that the NFP could come in weaker and placed my bets on the JPY as follows: –

USDJPY: Stop if Offered; 108.53, Spot; 108.83 with SL; 108.80

As it turned out NFP came in very weak and my out of the money trade was triggered.

I squared the EURUSD earlier, and kept the USDJPY trade alittle longer and got out half an hour later at 107.45 for one big figure trading profit of 1.08!!!

Best part about it was I got out of this trade while in a lounge with friends drinking wine.

Here is wishing all a great TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday!

This week has been a sleepy week despite important events like ECB, manufacturing data, ADP and of course, tonight, NFP?!

Since there weren’t any trading opportunities throughout the week, it would stand to reason that the FX markets would be ‘itchy’ to create a movement if a sufficient reason was given.

Today’s NFP to cap off a lacklustre week or is it?

Anyway, we had to be there, so at 8:28pm, I put in my trade as follows: –

EURSUD: Stop if Offered; 1.1125, Spot; 1.1154 and Stop if Bid; 1.1180 with corresponding SLs at 30bps away on both sides of the goal posts.

As it turned out, NFP came out at a shocking 38K versus forecast of 159K, with alittle offsetting by unemployment rate at 4.7% verusus 4.9%

My Bid trade was triggered at 1.1180 and I waited till about 5 minutes later and squared at 1.1260 for a trading profit of 80bps……….not bad!

Thank you NFP!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!

I am out of here and going to take my wife out to meet friends for drinks.

The entire market was looking out for non farm payrolls as an indication that the Fed’s decision was an appropriate one.

Alot of buzz in the media with estimates from 160K to 285K and an extreme one at 100K.

At about 9:22pm, I put in my straddle trade with the following details: –

Short EURUSD   –   Spot 1.0863, Stop if Offered 1.0840 and SL 1.0860

Long GBPUSD   –   Spot 1.4588, Stop if Bid 1.4620 and SL 1.4600

As it turned out, NFP came in a whopping 292K against expectations of 203K.  More importantly, previous month’s 211K was not revised.

This means jobs are well supported in the U.S. even during the lean months of the winter.

My EURUSD was triggered and I withdrew the GBPUSD order.

I squared the EURUSD at 1.0803 for a trading profit of 37bps, was expecting a bigger spike since EUR has been rallying the past two trading days.  Oh well, ok for the first trade in 2016!

Here’s wishing one and all a great trading year in 2016.

I will be wrapping up 2015’s performance shortly and also sharing my thoughts for this year.

The non farm payrolls is one of the important numbers the FOMC will be looking at for the potential rate hike two weeks from now.

I decided to place my straddle at 9:28pm with the following details: –

Sell EURUSD, Stop if Offered:  1.0880

Spot: 1.0900

SL: 1.0900

As it turned out, NFP came in higher at 211 versus forecast of 201, more importantly, last month’s number was adjusted upwards from 271K to 298K.

Unfortunately, the EUR whipsawed, my trade was triggered at 1.0877 and it was squared at 1.0907 for a trading loss of 30bps.

You can’t win all the time.

EURUSD is now hovering at 1.0877 @ 9:45pm.

Ok going to shut down for the week.  Here’s wishing all a great weekend.