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This data is usually a market mover for the GBPUSD since it’s largely a services economy. However, with the FOMC just less than 24 hours away, I wasn’t sure whether the GBP would move or not.

In any case, just in case it moves, I decided to put on my straddle with the following details: –

Stop if Offered at 1.3470, Spot at 1.3512, Stop if Bid at 1.3540

Corresponding SLs at spot.

As it turned out, the Retail Sales came in at 1.0 versus forecast of 0.2.  GBP spiked upwards and triggered my stop if bid leg.

I waited till it hit 1.3600 and I decided to square the trade for a trading profit of 60bps.

GBPUSD is now trending at 1.3582.

Whew…………….what a quickie………….all in 4 minutes!  Hehehehehehehehe

FOMC is fixated on inflation and jobs creation and early this evening was the US; Retail Sales and CPI, which I felt would be a highly volatile event data.

So at about 8:14pm, I decided to put on my straddle on the EURUSD and USDJPY with the following details: –


Stop if Offered at 1.1170, Spot at 1.1202, Stop if Bid at 1.1230


Stop if Offered 109.90, Spot at 110.28, Stop if Bid at 110.58

SLs all established at 30bps away.

As it turned out CPI and Retail Sales bombed!

Both my EURUSD and USDJPY were triggered.

I followed the market till about 11pm and decided to square off my positions as follows: –

EURUSD squared at 1.1276

USDJPY squared at 108.97

Trading profit; USDJPY = 0.93yen and EURUSD = 46bps

Not bad, if I may say so myself.

After slumping for three months, market is expecting the retail sales to recover.

So at near 4:30pm, I put in my Stop if Bid trade with the following details: –

Spot: 1.2980

Stop if Bid: 1.3000

Squared at 1.3033

Trading profit: 33bps

Not bad lah!

I wasn’t about to put on a straddle trade for this economic data, instead, I kind of made up my mind to chase the market if the data came out strong.

My gut feel tells me that the data would be somewhat muted.  Guess what, it came out strong at 1.4% versus expectations of 0.1%.  I immediately jumped in at 1.3125 and rode the market up and decided to square my trade at 1.3167 for a trading profit of 42bps.

Not too bad for a quickie!

Now are we going to see any action tonight in the US; Philly Fed Mfg Index and Unemployment Claims?