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Daily Archives: December 10th, 2013

My charts; Ichimoku and Stochastics indicated a possible break up of the GBP, it started at 1.6340, at 1.6350 I bought GBPUSD with a SL at 1.6330.

Today, it hit a high of 1.6462 and I decided to lock in my trading profits and sold the position at 1.6447 for a very handsome 97bps.

Nice Christmas present.

Last week on December 5th, I saw an opportunity based on my charts; gold appeared to have bottomed at $1,211, though the greater volume of trades was done at about $,1,219.

Recent high on November 29th/30th was about $1,254.

I am not sure whether there is enough momentum to bring it back to the last high, it’s currently trading at $1,244.

Then again, with the budget looming in January and the debt ceiling in March, maybe, it may be worth the while to hold the position.

Hmmmm………I am up $12/-, and to sell an option till January 30th, 2014 at $1,246 will give me premiums of $30/-.  Sounds like a good trade.

Done, just executed selling a call option XAUUSD at $1,246 expiring January 30th, and receiving premiums of $30/-.