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Monthly Archives: January 2017

2017 will be the year most OECD countries will be looking at inflation as a gauge of economic growth.

Today was Australia’s turn on CPI, forecast was 0.7%.

I decided to place a straddle trade with the following details: –

Stop if Offered at 0.7565 (SL at 0.7585), Spot at 0.7595, Stop if Bid at 0.76230 (SL at 0.7595)

As it turned out I was surprised at the lower CPI number of 0.5% and with trimmed figures at 0.4%.  I wasn’t suspecting this to happen as I believe inflation is running alittle wild in Australia.

Nonetheless, my Stop if Offered was triggered at 0.7565 and I squared the position at 0.7540 for a trading profit of 25bps.

I decided to Long USDJPY at 112.90 with a SL at 112.70.

When USDJPY reached 113.35, I squared half the position for a trading profit of 45yen.

Later on when US opened, the USDJPY just didn’t seem to have any more steam and just when I almost decided to square the position at 112.93, it rebounded and I squared the position at 113.31 for a trading profit of 41yen.

What luck!

Looking at the 4H chart, I couldn’t really see any clarity in the situation of USDJPY, don’t know whether to Long or Short.

However, go to the 15M chart, then, all of a sudden clarity comes into the picture.  The spot rate cut above the 50MA at 112.87.

I was out for lunch so couldn’t really do anything, however, I decided to put in a Long, Stop If Bid at 112.90 with SL at 112.70.

As it turned out, my trade was triggered and I am now Long USDJPY at 112.90.  Current spot is at 113.28.  Let’s follow the spot position and see what happens.

Cheers to all.

I was suffering from insomnia last night and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to turn on my computer at 4am in the morning.

Straight away I noticed that the USDJPY had crossed both the SMA 50 and SMA 200 moving averages.

I immediately gave chase and placed a Long USDJPY at 113.50.

I squared the position before leaving for my 9 holes golf game at 10:30am at 114.68 and locked in a trading profit of 1.18yen!!!

Tonight, Theresa May is addressing the nation on how she is going to implement Brexit.

She mentioned that the Government will put the final Brexit deal to a vote in both houses of parliament.

Does this mean that there is a possibility of a repeal in the Brexit?

Market seems to like what is it hearing from Theresa May.

I decided to place a straddle when her speech started with the following details: –

GBPUSD: Stop if Offered at 1.2120 (SL 1.2140), Spot at 1.2158, Stop if Bid at 1.2175 (SL1.2145)

My Bid was triggered and I rode it up till I squared the position at 1.2325 (High was 1.2346) for a trading profit of 150bps!!!

Thank you Theresa May and what a trade to start the Year of the Rooster!!!

Long USDJPY at 115.31 and squared at 116.40 for a trading profit of 1.09yen.

Short GBPUSD at 1.2696 and squared at 1.2616 for a trading profit of 80bps.

Long EURUSD at 1.0586 and squared at 1.0645 for a trading profit of 59bps.

Long USDJPY at 113.57 and squared at 114.14 for a trading profit of 57yen

Long EURUSD at 1.0595 and squared at 1.0620 for a trading profit of 25bps.

Short USDJPY at 114.25 and squared at 113.95 for a trading profit of 30yen.

Short EURUSD at 1.0634 and squared at 1.0598 for a trading profit of 36bps.

Long USDJPY again at 112.50 and squared at 113.66 for a trading profit of 1.16yen