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The EURUSD is currently trading above the 61.8% level of 1.3321, the 76.4% is at 1.3437 and the 100% is at 1.3640 established on 1 February 2013.

Last night’s high was at 1.3385and the low was at 1.3282.




The GBPUSD is presently trading above the 61.8% level of 1.5754 with the 76.4% at 1.5957 and the 100% at 1.686 established on 21 December 2013

Last night’s high was at 1.5723 and the low was at 1.5650.




The AUD is a currency that really begs to be thrashed.  The current spot is trading below the 0% level of 0.9671, the 23.6% is at 0.9891, 38.2% is at 1.0027 and the 50% at 1.0137.  How much will it take to drive the AUDUSD to the 50% level, I don’t think alot.  Home loans is down, consumer sentiment is down, however, employment is up and unemployment is down.

Let’s look at this more closely.


My hunch tells me that there is opportunity in the following: –

Call option on the AUDUSD

Call option on the USDJPY

Put option on the GBPUSD

Right now, we need to do a cost benefit analysis to determine which strategy is cost efficient and profit effective.


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